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Rosy Aronson has remained committed to grounding, freeing and connecting people through the creative process since 1987. She studied Psychology & Social Change at the University of Michigan, in Ann Arbor. Upon receiving her B.A., she moved to Europe, where she trained and worked as a visual artist, breathworker and transpersonal arts therapist. Rosy co-founded the Copenhagen Center for Water Rebirthing, provided creative arts therapy to individuals, couples and families in her Danish private practice, supervised alternative healing practitioners, and led creativity, women’s empowerment and personal growth workshops.
Upon returning to the States in 1997, Rosy earned an M.A. at the California Institute for Integral Studies in counseling psychology, with a focus in Expressive Arts Therapy, and then a Ph.D. at the University for Integrative Learning, specializing in Intuitive Listening and the Creative Arts.  She became a registered Drama Therapist, with a special passion for improvisation, and for three years, studied the art of "Intuitive Reading" with Phyllis Pay of the Intuitive Energy Center. After writing and illustrating the Prelude to a transformative book series for contemplative kids (ages 8-12) called A Tale of Serendipity: The Adventure Begins!, she immersed herself in the infinitely vast and deeply practical study of Human Design, and now The Gene Keys
Today, along with raising her beloved daughter, Rosy works as a writer, artist and spiritual counselor. She supports and empowers creative souls, new parents, and unconventional livers and learners in a variety of ways. Together with Mireya Alejo, Rosy has co-founded RIE Creative Meditation -- a fun, empowering and permission-giving art/movement-immersion practice growing in the Bay Area.

Because of the practical nature of Human Design and its ability to help her hone in on the unique wisdom of each person, she takes special pleasure in sharing her knowledge of this system with those who feel drawn to it, and to using it as an entry way into deeper forms of collaborative and creative counseling.
Rosy is an ordained minister of the congregation Roots and Wings, of AIWP (the Association for the Integration of the Whole Person).

Disclaimer: While Rosy has completed all of the educational requirements for the Jovian Archive professional analyst track, she has chosen not to become a certified Human Design Analyst in order to allow herself maximum freedom, creativity and flexibility in her work.  If you are considering the possibility of entering into the Jovian Archive professional Human Design Training, and you want to be sure that the Foundational Reading you receive will qualify you for entry into the training, please contact Rosy, or seek out the services of a certified analyst.  For a list of Certified Human Design Analysts, please visit the Resources page.   

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Rosy Aronson, Ph.D. Roots and Wings, of AIWP Rosy@RosyAronson.com Phone: 510-703-1373