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Of course, you are your own greatest resource!

I invite you to use this web site as much as you like. Browse around; read all about Human Design by going to the INTRO to HD page. There, amongst other things, you'll be able to:

Just follow your curiosity, and you'll be taken exactly where you need to go.

If you decide to Open The Door (Get your free chart!) and then launch your experiment through receiving a real Human Design reading, then the heart of your adventure will be your everyday life! 

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Remember: Nothing can substitute the power of practice, of constantly coming back home, of gently reminding yourself to honor your unique way of tuning into and trusting your own inner compass.  And, especially in the beginning, you can learn as much (or more!) from the times that you're NOT "living as yourself" as you can from the times you manage to do it!

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Just Google "Human Design" and you'll find an abundance of resources -- from books, videos and audio materials, to lists of professionally trained analysts, teachers and classes, to radio programs, to educational systems.

I encourage you to trust yourself as you make your way through all that is out there. As we all know, a system is only as good as the person using it! (And then there's chemistry or "fit" -- which often is just as important.)

Just for starters, here are a few of the main Human Design portals, as well as a wonderful community resource -- great for anyone interested in learning more about Human Design and the educational opportunities that are out there. 

Jovian Archive
(Jovian Archive Corporation is the international rights holder for the Human Design system, as well as the teachings of Ra Uru Hu, the originator of the system.)

The International Human Design School
(This is the official gateway to education in Human Design -- both general and professional.)

Human Design America

Human Design Community


Revolution of One by Mary Ann Winiger
(A wonderful, deeply inspiring book for all Generators, and the people who love them.)
Living Your Design by Lynda Stone
(A “Manual for Cellular Transformation,” covering the all of the Basic Concepts of Human Design, and much much more!)

Main Human Design Web Store


(A More Transpersonal or "Integral" Approach to Human Design, co-birthed by Richard Rudd and Werner Pitzal)

Gene Keys

Integral Human Design

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