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Combining our Resources
to Free your Spirit
& Unleash Your Life!

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud
was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

-- Anais Nin

If you can relate to the quote above, then I know how you feel! I know first-hand the joys and struggles that often accompany the desire to create, to share one's gifts with others, and/or to simply feel more alive and inspired in one's life. As a life-long artist, I have a special passion for helping people who long to be freer in their expression, but feel blocked, inhibited or in need of support.

You might really enjoy Creative Life Counseling if:

  • You feel stuck in an area of your life, and no matter how much you try on your own to get things moving, you come up empty...and lonely!

  • You'd like support in resurrecting a shelved project, kindling a new passion, transforming a current live/work space, or breathing fresh exciting energy into a place of atrophy.

  • You've been holding back on your dreams for way too long. Your growing desire to break free is now bigger than your shrinking fears of failure - or success!

  • You've been drowning in work, family and/or caretaking, and are hungry for INSPIRATION.

  • You're ready to “get over yourself” and start sharing your gifts with the world without worrying so much about what everyone else thinks about you and what you're doing - or not doing!

  • You actually feel that a huge inner change has already happened, and you're ready to see that change manifest in your outer life.

  • You'd like some compassionate company as you spread your wings, so the process feels more adventurous than daunting, more collaborative than lonely, and more creative than grueling.


Drawing from your own wonderful resources, as well as my background in the arts, therapy and Human Design, let's find fun and inspiring ways to help you reconnect with the joyful life-artist living inside of you, just begging to be released!

Creative Life Counseling Sessions can take many forms. Phone sessions generally last one hour. My current hourly fee is $150.

From my years of counseling experience, I've learned just how important it is to have someone you trust to accompany you on your journey, someone who cares and knows enough about your process to be able to support you through those difficult moments... And then, to joyfully receive you as you emerge into your new life.

While I don't believe everyone needs to spend years "on the couch," I do believe that making a committment to your process that lasts beyond one or two sessions can do a world of good.

Sometimes it makes the difference between getting a temporary "pick-me-up" and experiencing a life-long breakthrough. Because of this, I strongly encourage clients to choose one of the following packages (and give a special bonus to those who really go for it!).

3 Private Creative Life Counseling Sessions
Fee: $450 ($150/session)
(Payment Plan Option: $225/month over two months)

5 Private Creative Life Counseling Sessions:
Fee: $700 ($140/session)
(Payment Plan Option: $233/month over three months)

10 Private Creative Life Counseling Sessions
Fee: $1,300 total ($130/session)
(Payment Plan Option: $325/month over four months)


Sign up for 10 Private Sessions
and receive either:

a Live As Yourself Foundation Reading in Human Design
OR (for those living in the Bay Area)
for FREE!

(Payment Plan Option: $325/month over four months)

If you haven't met me before and would like to connect with me in person before committing to working with me, I'm happy to connect on the phone (free of charge). It's so nice to be able to get acquainted that way, for me to get a sense of what you're wanting and needing, and for both of us to get a sense of whether we're a good fit!

Please Contact Me if you're interested in Creative Life Counseling Sessions
or a Free Connection Conversation!


Join a Living Arts Laboratory!
(For Bay Area People!)

If you are a client living in the Bay Area, I joyfully invite you to give Release, Immerse & Emerge! (The Bay Area Creative-Immersion Meditation Practice) a try!

"Rosy and Mireya create a space where all things are possible.
Every aspect of your being is given permission to explore and materials to do it.

It was like a playground for my soul.
I watched her play with the other souls in the space.

Allowing my body to be led by the wiser part of me was an epiphany." 

-- Erica Blue
Teaching Artist
Berkeley Repertory Theater

This Living Creative Laboratory is for you if …

  • You long for a “should-free” space to practice trusting and following your own authority.

  • You want to learn how to connect deeply with yourself while in a shared group environment

  • you have been known to enjoy dancing, doodling, collaging, sculpting, sitting, painting, tinkering, writing and introspecting... while receiving fun tips for getting UNSTUCK!

I want to thank you both for the vision and dedication in bringing
Release, Immerse & Emerge! Creative Meditation
into the world. 
You have created a sacred place to be, to express,
to transform whatever is present into a healing creation

This kind of spacious, creative container is rare in our world,
and a precious opportunity for everyone living in the Bay Area." 

-- Colette de Gagnier
Creative Consultant and Coach
Author of Gateways of the Divine:
An Illuminated Manuscript for the Modern Age

(Sessions last 2 and 1/2 hours. No artistic Experience necessary.)

If you are a Human Design client, I will offer you tailored suggestions to help you make the most of your experience!

Join our growing Meetup Group!

Or Visit Us at

"Arriving through the door,
I could feel my daily concerns drop away,
and my consciousness start to shift. For the next two and 1/2 hours I was held
in a beautiful, sacred space,
free to follow the flow of my own creative journey,
while being supported by a community of fellow travelers. 

From the generous selection of art materials, to the music, the tarot cards,
and the colored scarves, it was like being at an abundant feast,
with permission to try anything.

Mireya's and Rosy's loving attention was reflected in every detail.
They had clearly drawn from their own expertise and passions to
create the optimum conditions for creative inspiration.
Together, they led by example, participating in their own creative explorations,
while at the same time holding a gentle container that
supported the emergence of our individual and collective journeys. 

It was a creative exploration like none I have ever done,
and I couldn't have done it on my own. Thank you Mireya and Rosy!"

- Heather

Copyright © 2010, Roselyn Ann Aronson. All rights reserved.

Rosy Aronson, Ph.D. Roots and Wings, of AIWP Rosy@RosyAronson.com Phone: 510-703-1373