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(Live As Yourself Foundational Reading Required)


Discover the magnificent
Student of Life that you are!

Interestingly, our Nature is what we often know the least about. We're so busy thirsting after the “new” and being seduced by our opposites that we rarely have a clue about the gems that lie within us. So many of us take our natural gifts for granted, or we zealously misuse them in a mad effort to become more like everyone else.

In a Love Your Nature Reading, we will:

  • Uncover the perfectly lovable, beautiful being that you already are.

  • Look deeply into your Definition -- your unique qualities and gifts, the parts of you that are reliable and impervious to influence.

  • Celebrate what you're naturally designed to energetically transmit into the world… simply by being you.

  • Learn about the specific kind of circuitry you have in your design (i.e. tribal, individual, or collective, etc.), and how that circuitry fuels your expression, your relationships, and your emotional life.

  • Explore how the overall structure of your design impacts your need for others and movement through life.

Reading Fee: $195


Transform Negative Conditioning
into Abundant Wisdom.

Few things are more essential than an awake relationship to our Openness, to those places in us where we are receptive and deeply influenced by the world around us. This is where the magical realm of chemistry comes in, where some of our deepest wounds, as well as our highest potential for wisdom, live and breathe.

In an Embrace Your Openness Reading, we will
explore why you can feel or be one way with one person, or in a particular environment, and then completely different with someone - or somewhere -- else. We'll look at the external pressures that tend to propel you into “shoulding” your way into making decisions that aren't healthy for you, or before you're ready.

You'll also learn:

  • How to notice and track the subtle (and not so subtle) ways that your mind cleverly manipulates you into ignoring your own sense of what's right for you and living someone else's life.

  • How to return to your truth, no matter what's going on inside of or around you.

  • How to transform negative conditioning into positive nurturance.

  • How your glorious receptivity can be used to reflect and serve others, instead of throwing you off kilter.

Reading Fee: $195


Surrender to your Soulmates Within!

"To embrace the 'RED' and the 'BLACK' within you
is to awaken your unique Life Purpose."

If you're curious to learn about the miraculous marriage living inside of you, the one between your mind (soul) and body (genetic inheritance), this is a wonderful reading. The unique role you are designed to play out in life is born out of this marriage. The more you understand, embrace and surrender to this inner union, the more naturally and easily your beautiful life purpose will unfold.

In a Trust In Your Role reading, we will:

  • Look deeply into what we call your Profile.

  • Give you the encouragement and permission you need to experience -- and appreciate -- the particular way your life is meant to unfold.

  • Explore the major life themes you are likely to encounter and be transformed through.

  • Discover how you best learn, and how you most naturally establish intimate and creative bonds with others.

Reading Fee: $195


Nature, Nurture & Role Readings work best as a trio and within a relational container. They complete a picture that is most helpful when weaved together and integrated over time, and with support!

This Package Includes:

  • Love Your Nature Reading ($195)
  • Embrace Your Openness Reading ($195)
  • Trust in Your Role Reading ($195)
  • 3 Integration/Counseling Sessions ($450)

Total Value: $1035

Offer: $900

(Payment Plan Option: $300/month for 3 months)

( If you would like to take this journey even deeper, consider an Embrace Your Shadow; Serve the World! Reading.)

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