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(Live As Yourself Foundation Reading Required)

"I like to think of a Foundation Reading
as the planting of a seed.
The potential of this seed is infinite,
but if not tended to properly,
it may never sprout or blossom."


Even though the unique guideposts you receive in a Live As Yourself Foundation Reading may seem relatively simple, the act of living out what you've learned can be FAR from easy!

When you genuinely take in this knowledge, you begin the slow, yet profound process of breaking free from your conditioning -- one decision at a time. Staying awake and true to yourself can require courage, compassion and patience - especially when faced with the many pressures that come along with everyday life.


Deepen your Self-trust and
Ground your Experiment
in your Everyday Life

So many find that having someone to touch base with, someone who is following the details of your process and committed to supporting you in trusting yourself (even when the pressures around you are building or nudging you in a different direction) can be so incredibly helpful.

Through Human Design Integration sessions, you will have the chance to:

  • Apply all that you've learned in your Live As Yourself Foundation Reading (and other readings you've received) to real life situations that are happening right now.

  • Explore a particular aspect of your life -- your health, your career/calling, your relationships -- through this fascinating lens.

  • Ask questions about your design that help deepen your understanding.

  • Receive compassionate & practical support in breaking free of outdated choices, mistaken identities and stuck places.

I will bring the entirety of your design and my life counseling tool box to our sessions. Together we will help you cultivate the art of authentic, healthy, prosperous and connected living.


In the Human Design community, it is often said that the "de-conditioning process" takes approximately 7 years to fully integrate into our body's cells and our outer lives. So this is not a quick fix. This is a practice. For many, it is a a deeply psychological and spiritual practice.

If you are interested in going deep and far with this process, I strongly encourage you to consider a package of sessions. Making a committment, not just to your Human Design "experiment," but to our relationship, can make the difference between having an intellectually fascinating experience, and experiencing a full-body/spirit breakthrough. (I offer a free Live As Yourself Reading to those who choose the 10 session package. That's how much I believe in the power of a long-term relational container.)

Integration sessions last approximately one hour and take place on the phone (or in person, for those living in the Bay Area). My current fee is $150 per hour.

3 Private Sessions
Fee: $450 ($150/session)
(Payment Plan Option: $225/month over two months)

5 Private Sessions:
Fee: $700 ($140/session)
(Payment Plan Option: $233/month over three months)

10 Private Sessions
Fee: $1,300 total ($130/session)


Sign up for 10 Private Sessions
and receive your
Live As Yourself Foundation Reading for FREE!

(Payment Plan Option: $325/month over four months)

If you haven't met me before and would like to connect with me in person before committing to working with me, I'm happy to connect on the phone (free of charge). It's so nice to be able to get acquainted that way, for me to get a sense of what you're wanting and needing, and for both of us to get a sense of whether we're a good fit!


Becoming a mother has been one of my most enriching, empowering and challenging life experiences. I know first-hand the enormous impact a little being can have on a big person's life. I know how deeply we parents want our children to thrive and blossom into their true potential, without being crushed by unhealthy societal messages, potent peer pressures, or even our own unresolved issues.

If you are a parent, I also know how challenging it can be to stay connected to your own needs, feelings and dreams while holding such profound responsibility for the life of your child. In a Parenting Session, I will help you learn how to strike that delicate balance between honoring your child's unique life while nurturing your own.

Depending on the need of your family and age of your child/ren, I provide different kinds of readings and sessions. Usually I suggest an initial one-hour session with the parent/s, so that together we can get a sense of how I can best serve your family.

(Live as Yourself Foundation Readings are required for any parent who is interested in a Child Reading or Parenting Session. Just learning how differently we and our children are designed to operate can be such a huge help and relief. Human Design is such a powerful portal to acceptance.)

Child/Youth Foundation Reading

Love and empower your children
by introducing them to their
unique brilliance.

If you have a child who is open, curious and old enough to receive a reading of her/his own, I'd love to introduce your child to her/his design in a very practical, down-to-earth way.

Reading Fee: $175

AS THEY ARE Sessions

Receive Support in Understanding,
Accepting and Celebrating your kids!

If your main desire is to receive support in parenting your child in a way that honors his/her uniqueness, I'd love to support you with one or more Parenting Sessions.

Parenting Sessions: $150 per hour


This Package includes:

  • Live As Yourself Foundation Reading for one Parent ($195)
  • Live As Yourself Foundation Reading for one Child ($175)
  • 3 Love your Children As They Are (Parenting) Sessions ($450)

Total Value: $820

Offer: $750

(Payment Plan Option: $250/month for 3 months)

(For each additional parent or child, add: $150 )


The Adventure Begins!

(A Transformative Tale for
Contemplative Kids, Ages 8-12)

“Rosy Aronson writes playfully, entertainingly and compassionately
from a place of mystery, ecology and deep wisdom.

When you read A Tale of Serendipity, it feels like she is holding your hand while taking a relaxed and funny walk together into a realm usually reserved for the sages.

This journey reveals the unique beauty marks on our soul in such a loving way that it made me wish I could be a child again to have her story impact and guide me from the very beginning.”

Karin von Daler
Psychologist, Expressive Arts Therapist -- Copenhagen, Denmark

If you'd like to gift your child/ren a book that supports their Human Design experiment (& is full of adventure, compassion and celebrates diversity), consider giving them a copy of A Tale of Serendipity.

While this Prelude to a larger tale is about a family of seals whose peaceful life is torn apart by a ravaging storm and a viscous seal-hunting ship, it is really about the de-conditioning process; it's about a family's journey from a life dictated by the mind to a more fluid life, where nurturing comes in many forms, uniqueness is celebrated, and truth arises from the body.

Even though I wrote this story long before I ever encountered Human Design or the Gene Keys, the basic principles and essences from these bodies of wisdom are all over it! Reading a book like this with your child can stimulate many wonderful, empowering conversations.

I loved A Tale of Serendipity
I found myself crying at times and laughing out loud, and it was hard for me to put it down.  Perhaps most important, I feel changed by this book – the story and the words and the characters worked their way into my heart,
and opened me up. 

"I read A Tale of Serendipity all the way through myself, and then I read it to my
7 year-old daughter, who loved it as well.  Reading it together allowed us to have meaningful discussions about some challenging topics that flow through the story
(like what is it like to feel like a parent doesn’t understand you? who do you turn to when this happens?  how do you get help?). These conversations deepened our connection, and the story provided a wonderful way to talk about themes that my daughter thinks about, perhaps worries about from time to time, but doesn’t quite know how to explore or understand."

Valerie Creane, Psy.D.
Parent/Psychologist – El Cerrito, CA

To ORDER or Learn More about this book, visit: www.SerendipityTale.com



Learn to Love Yourself
Inside of a Loving Relationship!

Love As Yourselves Sessions: $150 per hour

You might enjoy Love As Yourself Couple's Sessions if you:

  • Are in a relationship right now, looking for one, or 'on the fence.'

  • Find yourself thinking that if only you (or your partner) could change, then everything would be so much better.

  • Are struggling to gain clarity about who is truly right for you, or whether you're even ready for a relationship.

  • Have no clue of what a healthy relationship would even look like for you.

One of my biggest life learnings and most cherished 'art forms' has been my nearly 20 year relationship with my husband. While Kim and I enjoy a great deal of harmony, we are also profoundly different from each other - as most couples are.

Over the years, we have needed to learn a great deal about what it means to truly accept another human being, without abandoning ourselves in the process. For us, and I know for many, intimacy is a daily spiritual practice of awakening - one that requires a good dose of humor.

Both personally & professionally, I have found Human Design to be incredibly useful when it comes to understanding and nurturing healthy relationships. In one gentle yet honest swoop, it takes the blame away.

By acknowledging the reality of couple chemistry, and while empowering each partner to be true to her/himself, Human Design makes it possible for people who care for each other to also SEE each other… as they are.

I have found that from that clear place of true acceptance, loving & healthy choices and mutual support are not only possible, but inevitable. And so much unnecessary pain and suffering is released.


This Package includes:

  • Live As Yourself Foundation Reading for EACH PARTNER ($390)
  • 3 LOVE as Yourselves! Couple's Sessions ($450)

Total Value: $840

Offer: $780

(Payment Plan Option: $260/month for 3 months)

...if you'd like support in
Deepening Your Relationships!

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