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Something I love about Human Design is how it is designed to evolve, just as we are. As this system takes root and branches out around the globe, it is blossoming into a solid field of study as well as a profound mystical exploration.

Because of my blended background and alchemical tendencies, I am drawn to a mix of 'traditional' and 'alternative' when it comes to Human Design. While I've completed the educational portion of the Jovian Archive Analyst Training program, I've continued my explorations in a more transpersonally focused approach to (or rebirth of) Human Design, called Integral Human Design.

I've also fallen in love with The Gene Keys -- an incredibly powerful and relevant mythology that takes the most essential aspects of the original Human Design transmission to an entirely new level. (See The Art of Authentic Service to learn more about this powerful transformative learning and growth process.)

As described in my BIO, my background is in psychotherapy, the arts and spiritual counseling. Because of this, I cherish the opportunity to work with people over a longer period of time. Mostly, I love to support people in the way that feels best to them.

"I am constantly amazed by the power of this knowledge,
especially when it is grounded in a
supportive, creative and flexible counseling relationship."

Because there are so many ways to hold and work with Human Design, I encourage you to find someone to work with who feels like a good fit. Learning about your design can certainly be surprising, even confronting. 

But ultimately, (if not immediately), it should have a permission-giving, pressure-relieving effect on you. If you receive a reading, and over time, feel more ‘boxed in’ than ‘set free’ to be who you are, you might want to consider working with someone else.

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