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Your Body Graph contains NINE CENTERS, all connected by a network of channels or circuits. These 9 centers are based on the Hindu-Brahman tradition where they are known as chakras -- or hubs of subtle energy within the body.  While you can find parallels between the way Human Design looks at these centers and the way the Hindu tradition looks at them, there are some important differences. 

The obvious one is that Human Design operates out of a 9 centered system, as opposed to a 7-centered system. (More about this below)  Another important difference is that in Human Design, energy isn’t seen as moving upwards only, from the Root to the Head (Crown).   Instead, the energy moves in all directions, through the various lines (or channels) connecting the various centers – reflective of the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life.

Some like to think of the Bodygraph as a pressure sandwich. Pressure comes down from the Head.  The Head, acting as a mass storage and receptacle system, like the gray matter of the brain, is filled with a record of pretty much everything we’ve ever experienced (personal and archetypal), whether or not we remember these experiences, or even know we are having them when we do.  This Head Center is there, pressuring us to make sense of our past, understand the future, and contemplate the big spiritual and philosophical questions in life.  As it seems that only we humans do. 

Then there’s the pressure coming from below, up from the Root Center.  As opposed to the mental pressure coming from above, this is a very physical pressure.  This incredibly powerful motor fuels all of our experiences.  It fuels the energy in our bodies, which then travels upwards, pushing its way through the various gates and channels (Black roads and Red tunnels), in an effort to make it up to the Throat. 

So in a very real way, you could say that all of the energy moving through us is trying to make it to the Throat.  In Human Design circles, it is often said, “All roads lead to the Throat” -- since the Throat Center is essentially that place in our Bodygraphs, and in our lives, where metamorphosis, communication and manifestation take place. 

You could say that all of the inspiration we receive, all of the questions and thoughts in our heads are trying to get to the Throat so that we can communicate what’s on our mind.  And all of this fuel, all of our adrenalized feelings, intuitions and drives towards life, are rising up from the Root of our body, pushing their way up towards the Throat, so that they can actually manifest in the physical world. (For a walk through of the NINE CENTERS, click here.)

So what else does your bodygraph show you?

  • It shows you the kind of life student you are designed to be, how you are experienced by others. It reveals some of your most wonderful gifts, as well as the aspects of your nature that you can count on to be consistent and true. (See Love Your Nature Reading)

  • It shows you where you're meant to go to school in life, what and who you're most attracted to, and how you can turn negative conditioning into positive nurturance and deep wisdom. It shows you the areas in your life where you are wonderfully open, flexible and receptive.
    (See Embrace Your Openness Reading)

  • It illuminates the sacred relationship existing inside of you - your soulmates within. It shows you how surrendering to the relationship between your Mind and Body can catapult your Life Purpose into being.
    (See Trust in Your Role Reading)

  • It sheds tremendous light on the potentials, challenges and chemistry in your relationships, and shows you how to make the most of that chemistry.
    (See The Art of Authentic Relating)

  • It reveals your deepest shadows, your highest service, and your most mystical potential. It opens the door to a greater mystery, a contemplative, transpersonal journey that will release your Genius, Radiance and Purpose.
    (See The Art of Authentic Service)

  • It can show you how to break free of your inhibitions and release the unique form of creativity living inside of you. (See The Art of Authentic Creating)



Here’s a very simple walk through the 9 Centers, starting at the top and working our way down.  Aside from representing psychological, awareness, spiritual and physical functions, each of these 9 center houses biological functions and organs in the body. This is complex stuff, and there are many ways to learn more.  (See the Resources page to learn how you can deepen your knowledge.)

HEAD CENTER (Biological associations: Pineal Gland)

The Head Center is the place where we experience mental pressure. It is where we receive ideas and inspiration, and where all of the questions we grapple with as human beings are sourced.  Who are we?  Where do we come from?  Where are we going?  Why are we here?

AJNA CENTER (Biological associations: Anterior & Posterior Pituitary Glands)

The Ajna Center is what we usually refer to as the Mind.  It’s that place where we experience mental awareness, as well as our ability to conceptualize, analyze, rationalize, strategize, form opinions, ideas, beliefs, etc.  You could say it’s the home of the witness, the neo-cortex of the brain, that part of us that is able to self-reflect.  It’s not only the place where we store concrete data or think; it’s also the place where we experience mental anxiety.  It’s the place through which our diverse conditioning sources fight for our attention and obedience, by filling our heads with lots of ‘shoulds.’  (For thousands of years, we human beings have been relying on this strategic awareness center to make our decisions for us. Though Human Design points to a shifting away from the Ajna as the ultimate authority, we would not have survived or thrived as a species, if this center hadn’t played such a central role in our evolution.)

THROAT CENTER (Biological associations: Thyroid & Parathyroid Glands, Metabolism)

The Throat, just beneath the Ajna, is connected to our capacity to communicate with words, as well as to manifest things in the outer world.  According to Human Design, our purpose in life, what we’re meant to do and create in this world, can be found in the Throat.


G-CENTER/IDENTITY CENTER (Biological associations: Liver & Blood)

The Yellow diamond just below is called the G- or Identity Center. This is the place where the “self” resides, where we get a sense of identity, direction in life, and where we experience love.  This center also houses something fascinating called the Magnetic Monopole.  (Very simply put, the Magnetic Monopole is a magnetic-like force that only attracts, bringing all of our ‘parts’ – body, mind, spirit – together, bringing the right people and experiences to us, as well as pulling us along our own unique path in life.  It gives us the illusion that we are each separate, whole beings, even though at a spiritual and sub-atomic level, we are all deeply inter-connected.) 

HEART CENTER/EGO CENTER (Biological associations: Stomach, Heart, Gall Bladder, Thymus Gland)

If you go just below and to the right of the G-Center, you’ll see a little red triangle.  This is the Heart Center (or Ego Center).  In Human Design, this is quite different than what we usually think about when we think of our hearts. The Heart Center is one of the body’s four motors, and it has everything to do with will, commitment, loyalty, competition and courage.  It also has to do with manifesting on the material plane, whether we’re talking about money or all of the many services, contributions and support structures that are needed for families, communities and cultures to survive and thrive.

SACRAL CENTER (Biological associations: Ovaries, Testes)

Heading straight down from the G-Center, you’ll find a big red square.  This is the Sacral Center, another motor in the body.  It’s the place where our workforce, life force and sexual energy are experienced.  This center has to do with power, fertility and creativity.  It also has to do with availability, and the ability to sustain activity and work in life. The Sacral Center actually has a voice.  More often than not, this voice speaks in sounds (i.e. hums, grunts, squeals, etc.) as opposed to words. Anyone whose Sacral Center is colored in is a Generator

SPLENIC CENTER (Biological associations: Lymphatic System, Spleen, T-Cells)

To the Left of the Sacral Center is the Spleen.  This is the seat of our immune system, our intuition, our primal survival fears, as well as our ability to be physically aware in the now. It’s the oldest awareness center that we have.  In fact, all animals have it.  You could call it the seat of our instinctual animal awareness.


SOLAR PLEXUS/EMOTIONAL CENTER (Biological associations: Kidneys, Prostate, Pancreas, Nervous System, Lungs)

To the Right of the Sacral is the other inward pointing triangle called the Solar Plexus, or the Emotional center.  This is where our emotions, our capacity for pain and pleasure and nervousness reside.  This is the third of our three awareness centers.  According to Human Design, this center is undergoing a powerful transformation, moving from being a blind motor to an awareness center.  

ROOT CENTER (Biological associations: Adrenal Glands)

Finally, we have the Root center at the very bottom.  This is where we experience stress and adrenaline, the pressure to move, to change, to start things, to need, to desire, to have new experiences.  It’s where we get the fuel for life itself.

*** According to the source of Human Design, the shift from 7 centers to 9 is reflecting an actual mutation that is occurring in our species, which amongst other things, is transforming our emotional center (Solar Plexus) from being an energy center (more like a blind motor basically responsible for reeking havoc on our planet), to an actual awareness center, the seat of our collective potential for spiritual awareness. Supposedly this process will take a couple of thousand years, so humanity’s got a little time, although we are definitely in the midst of this crazy, exciting transition.


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